Top Sustainable Technology Companies in 2024 to Look After

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Posted By : Kshamata Joshee 1 month ago

What is Sustainable Technology?

Sustainable technology refers to environment-friendly innovations that consume limited energy while producing reduced waste. The primary aim of such initiatives is to restrict ecological and environmental threats in the upcoming years.   

The United Nations introduced 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2015 that ensure “peace and prosperity for people and the planet.” Leading companies worldwide are determined to add the sustainability factor to their products or services for a secure future. Data states that over 80% of the top 100 global organizations have embraced the SDGs to make ecologically friendly progress.   

Renewable energy, reduced carbon emissions, green computing, solar power, electric transportation, energy efficiency, and others are prominent examples of sustainable technology. To comprehend the importance of sustainable development, let us discuss a few companies that have incorporated sustainable technologies.  

Top Sustainable Technology Companies in 2024:  

Amazon:  Amazon is one of the major companies that has invested heavily in sustainability. In its journey to make business environmentally efficient, the organization has taken a climate pledge to sustainably transform its operations, packaging, supply chain, and website. Amazon has set a goal to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Additionally, the company looks forward to utilizing 100% renewable energy by 2025.    

The organization believes that following sustainability, benefits businesses, customers, communities, and, more importantly, the planet. For this purpose, it has ordered more than 100,000 entirely electronic vehicles for delivery. Alongside that, Amazon has been planning to invest approximately $100 million in reforestation projects.

Microsoft:  Microsoft intends to make technology inclusive, sustainable, and trustworthy. To fulfill this purpose, the company has taken initiatives to become carbon-negative and water-positive by 2030. Moreover, it is aiming to grow as a zero-waste firm by 2030, encompassing its direct waste footprints.   

Furthermore, Microsoft has remarked on protecting land more than it uses by 2025 alongside constructing a Planetary Computer. On the path to accelerating energy efficiency, the organization trusts AI as a solution to deploy sustainability tactics. Additionally, in 2022, the firm has made investments in removing 1.4 million tons of carbon across regions and recycling it into sellable products.   

Google:  Google, as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has pioneered the creation and promotion of sustainable technology for a better future with information and innovation. It empowers people, companies, and the governments of different nations with tools and technologies for ecologically sustainable progression.   

Google is aiming to become carbon-free by 2030. It focuses on four major areas to incorporate with the sustainable development goals: net-zero carbon, water stewardship, circular economy, and nature, alongside biodiversity. It has also invested approximately $150 million in renewable energy projects in its major manufacturing locations.   

Intel:  Intel is one of the top companies that is committed to incorporating sustainable technology. It believes that technological innovations, system changes, and global collaborations are the key elements to tackle the severe impacts of climate change. The company intends to achieve Scope 1 and 2 of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and Scope 3 by 2050. Moreover, it aims to attain net-positive water and zero waste by 2030.   

Intel is determined to boost energy efficiency of its microprocessors 10 times by 2030. The organization has contributed to producing 93% renewable electricity worldwide alongside upcycling 67% of manufacturing waste.   

NVIDIA:  While integrating sustainable technology, NVIDIA prioritizes two significant areas: energy-efficient computing and green AI. It is planning to generate sufficient renewable energy to match 100% of global electricity consumption. NVIDIA’s H100 GPU, constructed on its Hopper architecture, is 26 times more energy efficient than general CPUs.   

In 2022, Green500 ranked NVIDIA first to power the most efficient supercomputer. Alongside that, the company is pioneering the formation and popularization of green computing which aims at maximizing energy efficiency.   

Importance Of Sustainable Technology:  

Adopting sustainable technologies allows companies to run their business responsibly from the perspective of the environment and society. Sustainability has lately become an ethical consideration for organizations that they fulfill as a part of their corporate social responsibility.   

Energy-effective technologies have a great impact on the environment. It enables eco-friendly gadgets and power usage that reduces carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. Such activities ultimately contribute to addressing climate change.  

The term sustainable technology received prominence in the 1980s and 1990s when people encountered major climate changes. Since then, companies have taken initiatives to tackle the challenges by incorporating environment-friendly practices in their businesses. Marketers consider such energy-efficient steps beneficial for their companies, customers, and the whole planet at large. Enterprises follow sustainability in every sector, including product or service designing, production, packaging, supply chain management, promotion, and distribution.